• Gotta get your water to peanut butter ratio dialed just right.
📷: @cathead_biscuits
  • New Zealand by Romanceür
📷: @harry_major
  • Those black LiterCages have hit the shelves at Ponderosa Cyclery. They’ll mix well with just about any shade, including ‘Trevor's Closet Black’ as featured on this Wednesday (the bike).
  • The mountain lion plates really tie the rig together. #widefootwagon #FZJ80 #landcruiser
  • NOS: Nice, Old, Stuck to a jacket at the thrift store. ⛰🦌🇺🇸 #patches
  • The new Northwoods Nalgene from Twin Six looks pretty slick! Especially in a shiny new LiterCage.
📷: @twinsix
  • LiterCages have landed in Australia! Now available at @cyclesbespoke 🇺🇸 🚲 🇦🇺
  • “Grasslands Gambler”
📷: @parts.and.labor
  • Update: LiterCage Black is now available! Durable powder coated finish on 100% stainless steel construction. Nalgene bottle and boulders not included.
  • 📷: @adventuresinbikepacking
“I personally don't like carrying water on my back. I reserve the backpack for my dehydrated food and other light food items. I bought a @widefootdesign liter cage for spare water for riding and while in camp. I also bring 2 water bottles in my mtn feed bags. The liter cage worked great for my nalgene bottle for the last trip. It also works nice for those morning coffee rides.”
  • Athens, Georgia! Ben’s Bikes is your official Widefoot retailer. Stop on by and check out their lineup of LiterCages and gear from other great brands! #bikepacking #athens #georgia
  • Best costume of the weekend! A Nalgene bottle (complete with stickers) by @jennaaayy89