• "Ways to carry lots of water without a full frame bag."
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Does riding the bike cycles make you thirsty? Is it going to be blistering hot this weekend? Are you 85% water? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the  @widefootdesign Liter Cage is for you. Fits your favorite 3.5" H2O device like Kleen Kanteen, Hydroflask, ect. Drink water, don't die.
  • A mudflap mantra
  • En route to Indian Cave
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  • #Nebraska
  • Where are you planning to view the eclipse from?
Cover art from an 1890's Eclipse Bicycle Company catalog. #eclipse #totality
  • Another great shot of this one! Decked out with @andrewthemaker bags and a LiterCage down under.
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  • CapCaps are in! Improve the drinkability of your Nalgene without sacrificing the convenience of the widemouth opening. #nalgene #capcap
  • Sunset and a cold one
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  • Keeping it 💯 (ounces).
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  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes #widefoot #madeinusa